Our Featured Instructors

Guoliang Lee
Acoustic Guitar

Guoliang started playing the guitar at a relatively late age of 15 years old. Drawn in by an electric guitar solo during a music workshop held in Church, he has since dedicated a bulk of his time to hone his skills on the guitar. After 2 years of playing the guitar, Guoliang was accepted into Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore) and completed his Diploma in Contemporary Popular Music.

Besides having regular gigs, he has been a guitar teacher since the age of 19. He has over 10 years of coaching experience and has nurtured students to become guitar teachers and performers.

Guoliang is also the Fingerstyle Guitar Champion of the Sungha Jung Guitar Competition 2016!

Daniel Purnomo
Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar

Combining classical finger styles with a pop-jazz orientation, Daniel instantly brings a wider range of sounds both as a soloist and a band member. His fingerstyle technique enables him to play as a ‘self-accompanied solo guitar’. This is achieved by simultaneously playing chords, bass lines and melodies with only one guitar. With influences from Latin, jazz and funk music, Daniel’s unique expression is fueled by his constant exploration of new guitar sounds.

He’s been a professional musician after he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (in music) from Lasalle, College of the Arts. He’s been playing for private, corporate, national and regional events. The most recent ones including Private Dinner with Jane Seymour as special guest, Inter-Racial Harmony SG50 with Mr Lee Hsien Loong as the guest of honor and ASEAN Para Games 2015 with Mr Tony Tan as the guest of honour. He has been playing regularly as residence musician at cafes, restaurants and 5 star hotels.

Since 2010 till present, he has been conducting the Guitar Ensemble at ACS International.